Mobile technology, including iPads, iPods, tablets and smartphones have become predominant as new inventions have paved the path for educational use to a high extent. As this is becoming more and more important in the lives of students, many have started using technology to prepare for competitive exams like K-CET, JEE (Main) etc. Here are a few benefits of using this modern technology which contributes to crafting an enriching learning experience.

  • Students can start their exam preparation anytime, anywhere, as per their convenience with mobile phones, even when they are not in the classroom.
  • Mobile technology offers students a personalized education and learning experience.
  • Mobile technology has successfully replaced books and notes with a portable and much lightweight device.

Teachers must encourage students and their colleagues to incorporate mobile into the learning and teaching process. They should also educate them to use android apps like dPAL while preparing online for JEE Main or any other competitive exams.

dPAL is an android app for PU students to help them prepare for both competitive and board exams. The app consists of different programs like JEE Main, K-CET, PU 2 Science, PU 2 Commerce, CBSE 11 and CBSE 12. The app consists of chapter-wise mock tests, previous year question papers, videos and solved examples. Students can get detailed answers of all questions, complete analysis of their performance all through this app.

To conclude, mobile technology helps students to change radically. It keeps them engaged, enrich their learning procedure and at the same time encourage critical thinking. Ultimately, it helps aspirants take speedy strides towards exam success through practice and assessments.

If you are among those who want to prepare online for competitive exams, then download dPAL from Google Playstore now and start your preparation in a more advanced way.