Competitive exams have the potential of giving an incredible boost to your career. Although this is a known fact we often tend to neglect this to a point where we are left completely flustered about preparation methods and how to approach these.

The approach we use to prepare for CET is significantly different from our preparation for board exams. Writing mock tests forms an integral part of this. Here’s why!

  • Sectional Tests – Sectional mock tests are taken after completing a certain topic and these tests help us be thorough with these concepts along with solving questions from that topic the way it will be given in CET.
  • Tracking Progress – With this new endeavor of preparing for competitive exams we need to track our progress right from the start. Taking a test even before beginning any preparation shows us where we stand and what our skill set looks like.
  • Feedback analysis – The simple strategy to improve in anything is working with feedback. Mock tests give you an opportunity to analyze the areas where you flounder and work on them instead of repeatedly working on the things that you already know.
  • Learning smarter methods – There are times when you know how to solve problems but you take away more than the allotted time. The analysis from the feedback helps you figure out smarter ways of solving problems so that you can solve problems faster.
  • Getting conditioned – Anything new feels alien and regular mock tests will get you familiarized and conditioned to this sort of preparation.
  • Strategizing – Being strategic based on your strengths and weaknesses is what will help you navigate through the question in the best way possible for you and you can only figure this out by trying it on mock tests.
  • Repetition – To get good at anything you need practice which basically is repetition. Take mock tests repeatedly and you’ll be good with competitive exams.
  • Staying focused – Considering the time allotted per question is short; you can’t let your mind wander. Being focused through the entire exam is critical and you need to practice this to get a grip on your focus.
  • The real deal – Mock tests are really close to your real CET and there’s no better way to prepare for anything than to work with the real format. This will keep you confident when you attempt CET.

For anyone looking to have access to timed mock tests online you can subscribe to the CET Cracker app that gives you timed mock tests along with other preparation tools to prepare for CET in the smartest way possible.

Deeksha is conducting an exclusive one-month CET Crash Course that will help you prepare for CET in a month and it includes a mock test for every two days for the topics covered. Both residential and classroom options are available. These are structured to help you focus well on your CET preparation.