The influence of modern technology on education and students has been immense over the past few years. Now, students can learn even by using their smartphone. There are several learning apps available on Google Playstore using which students can enhance their CBSE Board exam Preparation. One among them is dPAL.

dPAL, an android app for PU Board and competitive exam preparation can change the way students look at the learning process. The app is helpful in making things simpler for students so that they can concentrate on their exam preparation in a much better way. Students often find syllabus books boring and tiring, but replacing them with the engaging and interesting app can make learning fun.

Importance of dPAL


Learning becomes interesting by using modern educational apps. Using dPAL can make students more interactive and also interested in learning. In this app, every topic is explained in such an interesting way that students start taking interest in understanding a topic.


With dPAL, students can learn anytime, anywhere. It is not inbound learning but encourages relaxed learning. You can listen to videos from experts by sitting at the comfort of your home whenever you need. Clear your doubts from experts.


Students can get a complete analysis of the score, time taken to solve a particular question and solutions in this app. Also, they can know the highest and lowest marks scored by other students.

Study, understand the concepts and analyse your performance with dPAL. Start your CBSE exam preparation by downloading dPAL for FREE from Google Playstore!