Don’t we all love it when our needs are taken care of without any hassle, sometimes even the ones that we didn’t know we had? At Deeksha, our main aim is to enable the academic aspirations of all our students. Our teaching methodology, mentoring programs, and anything else that we take up are completely aligned with this.

With the current trend, doing well in the board exam is only the first step towards landing a seat in a college of the student’s choice. Students aspiring to take up engineering or medicine will have to prepare themselves for competitive exams like JEE Main/ JEE Advanced/ NEET/ CET. With the new government mandate, all medical aspirants have to take up NEET, to get entry into any medical college. The stakes are higher considering NEET is a national-level exam and aspirants would have to be really prepared to make the cut.

Deeksha caters to this by providing coaching for both board and competitive exams. One place for all your academic needs! Deeksha’s PU Commerce program comes with Focus 360 that helps students develop job-oriented skills. Going further to help our students excel, we have our mentoring program dCARE and our life skills program dLife which provide individual attention to our students. These help them address any roadblocks in their path to do well in academics while cutting down on stress and helping them grow as individuals.

All this is available at a campus located near you. Admissions at Deeksha are open for all courses now. Enroll your child today!