Often, students complain that it is extremely tough to score good marks in social science. They seem to have a lot of issues with the nature of the subject. Some say it is simply boring while others say a lot of useless mugging up is needed. Well, it is not like mathematics or chemistry where you have to deal with problems and reactions. It is an entirely different subject that covers topics from history, geography, political science, and economics. In reality, these are exactly the topics that should fascinate and thrill every young mind. Here, let us see how one can cultivate an undying desire to learn social science.

1. Change your view about the subject

The more you say social science is uninteresting, the more boring it is going to be. You are never going to love the subject until you change your perspective. This is the first step.

2. Never ever mug up

Mugging up might get you marks but it is not the right way to learn anything. Try to understand concepts first. It is a misconception that subjects like history and economy require a lot of memorizing. All you need to do is master the concepts.

3. Make short notes

Make short notes of important dates, persons, and places. When it comes to economics and political science, make brief descriptions of unknown terms. Read these notes whenever you have free time. It will be make your revision much easier.

4. Watch tv shows and movies

There are hundreds of tv shows and movies on varying topics of geography, history, economics, etc that could broaden your knowledge on the topic. You are never going to get bored watching these shows.

5. Read books

Books here mean all kinds, be it a magazine or a fictional novel, it will give you information your textbook can never provide. Reading will also instill a passion for the subject.

6. Visit museums, natural parks, places of historical importance, etc

This is both fun and at the same time highly informative. Take your friends along to such study tours to make the whole learning process more exciting and creative.

Every subject or topic is intriguing and interesting. A passion or a desire to know more is what is missing if you find a subject dull. More often, it is the teaching method that is responsible, or it is simply your mistake. Never ever let it be your mistake for it is only you who is going to be affected. If you still feel that there is nothing interesting about a particular subject taught at school, take up an aptitude test. Find where your heart truly belongs.