Solving a numerical gives everybody a hard time. To improve the act of solving numerical, one should practice solving large numbers of numerical on a regular basis. Here are few steps that can help students solve numerical easily.

  1. Identify the problem: Students generally get stuck with questions when they do not understand the problem. While reading a question, one should understand each and every word. This will help in solving the problem easily
  2.  Make an appropriate diagram: Draw a neat and properly labeled diagram based on the problem’s nature. For example, if it is a problem in mechanics, draw a Force diagram whereas if the question is related to optics you need to draw a ray diagram.
  3. Prepare a list: While you read the question, prepare a list of all the quantities and data that have been asked you in the question. This helps to ensure that you have not missed out on anything which will deduct your marks.
  4. Change the data to algebraic equations: One of the most significant steps in solving a numerical is transforming the data to an algebraic equation. Numerical asked in Board exams include questions in Mathematics like properties of the logarithm, quadratic equation, and many more. In JEE Main and JEE Advanced, more difficult formulas of calculus are used.
  5. Recheck: The most important step in solving a numerical is rechecking. Make sure you recheck each step after you finish solving the problem. Keep some time before submitting your paper to double-check your steps.

Following these steps may be difficult and time-consuming, but you will get better scores if you keep on practicing more numerical. It will enhance your speed and make you more confident.