These days getting a high rank in a competitive entrance exam like K-CET is vital for students to get admission to a reputed college. There are certain important facts that need to be considered for effective preparation for such exams. Repeated practice does provide a better edge this time, but there are several other aspects that will definitely enhance the performance of students.

Preparation chart: The most important method involved in exam preparation is the preparation chart.  The main task is to organize a time frame. Making a plan is not enough, it should also be followed strictly. A preparation chart assists in finishing the syllabus on time. Among all the guidelines given to students, one of the most important ones is to cover the syllabus for the exams. Along with reading textbooks, selecting relevant question banks and online study materials will prove helpful during preparation.

Managing time: This is one attribute that every student should be conscious of. There are students who complain about leaving certain questions unanswered as they didn’t get enough time. This is not due to flaws in their capability, but because of lack of practice. The more practice students do, the more familiar he or she will become with the questions asked in the exam.

Practice: The amount of time one spends in practicing previous years’ question papers affects the result. Students can also download dPAL and get access to the previous year’s CET question papers. The app contains mock tests that will help students crack the competitive exam with ease.

Balancing strengths & weaknesses: Self-analysis is very much needed for exam preparation. Realizing and acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses play a vital role in learning. There might be topics or chapters that you will find hard to remember, but make sure you do not leave any topic. This will affect your result.