*Spoiler Alert*

The penultimate season of the biggest show on Earth came to an end last month. The White Walkers finally breached the great wall and are on their march south. Jon Snow is no more a Snow neither he is a Sand. In fact, he is not even Jon Snow. His real name is Aegon Targaryen. Little Finger is no more and probably Jamie Lannister is not anymore with Cersei. A lot has happened this season, strangely satisfying many fan theories.
Since 2011, the show has been driving us all mad across Westeros and an Iron Throne. No TV serial has ever garnered such huge acclaim. The plot, the script, the twists, the wars, the deceits, nothing is short of greatness in this great drama. Somebody who is 16 or 17 has practically grown up with the show. They have grown up along with several characters. They might quite possibly relate to Arya and Sansa as a close friend. The show has been equally an unforgettable experience for adults too. Here, let us see what you could as a student learns from this epic show.

  1. Stay Humble, truthful, trustworthy, and never compromise your integrity.

If you are the embodiment of all these virtues, you have every chance of becoming the next King in the north. Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen has gone through an awful lot before becoming the King. He even had to die once. But he remained true to himself and is on his way to probably become the true hero of the show. Stay calm and be like Jon, you will be loved and respected by people around you.

  1. Knowledge is power

It doesn’t really matter if you are a few feet short. All you need is knowledge. Because with it comes great power. Tyrion Lannister has been preaching that for a while and he has every reason to. He is not the most handsome guy, everybody hates the Lannister blood in him and he is short but he is clearly one of the cleverest, most influential, and loved characters in the show.

  1. Being a polyglot has its perks

Missandei of Naath was a slave once but now she is the adviser to the one who rides the dragon. Although she is all sweet, it was her ability to speak different languages that made Daenerys the queen to ask her to tag along. She does not seem to exercise a lot of power but she is definitely the one closest to the most powerful person.

  1. Practice makes perfect

If you don’t agree on this, I dare you to go ask Arya Stark. From a little girl who could hardly hold a sword, she has become the most dangerous killer in the whole of Westeros.

  1. Master your fears

The Dothraki never dared to cross the sea. They were afraid of the big water. But when they finally got away with their fears and crossed the sea with their queen, no great force seems to be a problem for them(except the white walkers).

  1. Nothing is impossible

Low-borns like Varys and Baelish made it to the King’s Council. A boy born out of wedlock became the Commander of the ancient order of Night’s Watch. The all-powerful mother of dragons virtually started from nothing.  If there is one thing that Game of Thrones has advised us time and again, it is to believe that nothing is impossible.

  1. Learn from your mistakes

Sansa Stark, in her own words, was a stupid girl with stupid dreams. She rode off south to marry a handsome prince and mother his children. But the horrors she had to face were unimaginable. However, that stupid girl is now back in the north and is the Lady of Winterfell. She is a slow learner but she learns and is at present one of the most skillful players in Game of Thrones.

  1. Blind belief is dangerous

Melisandre believed in a prophecy blindly. She believed that her insane acts would create a better future. But it only killed a lot of people for no reason. Her act was costly and stupid.

  1. Where there is a will there is a way

Half of the people in Westeros wouldn’t dare to go beyond the wall. Not even a single person would go even farther in search of a three-eyed raven. But Brandon Stark did both and that too with no legs. His will is immeasurable, even though, at times, it might seem a bit idiotic.

  1. Patience is virtue

The credit for this one goes to each and every devoted fan who spends 10 months waiting for the next season. Undoubtedly, these fans are also rewarded fairly each year. Rumours are that the next wait is going to be longer. Whatever the time is, GOT has taught us patience. After all, good things come to those who wait.

Meanwhile, during the long wait, there is a lot as a student that you could do. You can plan your career. Find out where you want to study. Find out what interests you most. By the time you kill your uncertainty, the Night King would have started his killing spree.