No, this is not a sob story. In fact, this is exactly the opposite. This is about those people who stood tall against all odds to make their dreams a reality. People who took the road less traveled and championed. People who never backed down even when the going got strenuous. This is the dropout story. From Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, we have listed down the dropouts who turned out more than just fine.

1) Bill Gates

The list had to start with the richest guy in the whole wide world. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard and did him and the world a big favour, he just created Microsoft. The rest, as they say, is his-story.

2) Oprah Winfrey

Oprah left Tennessee State University to join a local television station. Her undying love for media made her take that tough decision. Luckily, it turned out to be a decision, we are all happy she made. Thank you, Oprah.

3) James Cameroon

It would have been a terrible mistake if James Cameroon never quit Fullerton College. There wouldn’t have been a Jack and Rose. We wouldn’t have come across Pandora and its blue-skinned inhabitants.

4) John Lennon

This famous voice was thrown out of Liverpool College of Art just before his final year. Good that he continued singing, Lennon and his fellow mates went on to create the greatest music band ever: The Beatles.

5) Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison had to drop out of two colleges before creating the data management company Oracle Corporation. With a fortune of more than 60 billion dollars, it is fair to say Larry made the right decision by quitting not just one but two colleges.

6) Al Pacino

Al Pacino said ciao ciao to school when he was 17. Pacino’s decision made his mum furious and he had to leave them. The streets eventually became his home but the undying passion for acting kept him alive. And after several struggling years, the universe decided to conspire.

7) Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen dropped out of the University of New Orleans after just one semester. After doing several small-time jobs, she took up stand-up comedy and thereafter never had to really look back. Way to go, Ellen, keep us smiling.

8) Mark Zuckerberg

Well, we all know this guy. He founded that thing where we all spent a chunk of our time. He dropped out of Harvard to focus on that thing. And before turning 30, he just made a billion bucks and billion friends.

9) Richard Branson

A dyslexic, Richard Branson had to drop out of school. However, that made him to start a magazine which became his first venture of many that followed. Now, the company he co-founded, the Virgin Group, controls more than 400 companies.

10) Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs needs no introduction. He is the man behind everything called Apple but the Apple did not just fall on him. He dropped out of Reeds College due to financial constraints. Life was then hard for the future innovator. It took a lot of time and hard work for him to create the world’s most valuable brand.

These are not mere stories of great successful people but of people who never gave up. Failures were just another lesson to them. Hard work, passion, courage, and an undying spirit to get back stronger made these people realize their dream. Do you have a dream? Do you have it in you to chase it no matter what? Remember, the road will always beat you down. All you gotta do is just get up and hit back.

And for all those who still haven’t figured out what they really want to do, it is high time you do something about it. Take up an aptitude assessment test. See what really lies inside yourself, find the wizard in you and wake him up.