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About Us

It all started with one simple idea – to provide every child with quality education from the top teachers in the country. After 24 years of consistent success in offline coaching, Deeksha joined forces with a titan of online education, Vedantu, and Deeksha Vedantu was born.

Deeksha Vedantu combines Deeksha’s impeccable offline pedagogical systems and Vedantu’s cutting-edge online educational resources to achieve the best learning outcomes. Deeksha Vedantu breaks the barriers of geography and brings to the students LIVE learning platforms, the top teachers, highly engaging content, and technological innovations helping them ace the most prestigious exams in the country – IIT JEE, CET, and NEET.

With Deeksha Vedantu, the schools in Tier 2 and 3 cities will have the opportunity to give their students the advantage of top teachers in the country along with the recent ed-tech innovations which will certainly improve the learning outcomes and rates of success in Board and competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CET, etc. Deeksha Vedantu marks one of the most defining collaborations that the education industry has seen in recent years and has set in motion a series of developments that will enhance the educational opportunities for every student irrespective of his or her location

Why Schools choose Deeksha Vedantu?


Improved Accessibility

Ensure children from your town also have access to top teachers of JEE, NEET and CET.


Boost Performance

Deeksha’s high-quality teachers will work with your students to help them improve their academic performance.


Tech-enabled Learning

You will be provided with state-of-the-art education technology for competitive coaching at NO EXTRA COST (85-inch Smart Board, Wave Technology, Desktops, Surround Speakers, High-quality Microphones, and Soundproofing of your classrooms)


Superior Scores

Worry no more about students producing results.


Branding Activity

Branding activities that will help your school gain popularity and admissions in the coming years.


Retain Your Top Students

Retain your top-scoring students till 12th standard with the help of competitive coaching classes provided on campus.

Founders’ Message

Every student deserves the mentorship of wonderful teachers and the benefit of ed-tech innovations. Often, geographical and affordability constraints make it difficult for schools in smaller cities to provide their students with the advantages of recent pedagogical and technological advancements. Deeksha Vedantu aims to remove these limitations, allowing students to experience quality education, irrespective of their location. Deeksha Vedantu will scale the impact of Deeksha’s and Vedantu’s widely acclaimed educational interventions, giving every student the best of both online and offline learning, and creating a chance to discover and realize their potential.

Creating impact at scale has always been our guiding principle. We believe that every student deserves to learn from the best, no matter where they are. That’s why Deeksha Vedantu is bringing the most inspiring teachers to every town. They will not only teach the students what to learn but also how to learn. Deeksha Vedantu is standing at the forefront of this learning revolution and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to this innovative learning experience.


5 Steps Of the Optimal Learning Journey

You learn from India’s Top Master Teachers in an interactive classroom in an interactive classroom with immersive and engaging 3-D content.

We ensure complete doubt solving in class with Master Teachers and on our Doubts App and Doubts Sessions post-class.

We provide comprehensive Smartbooks and daily assignments for practice helping you perfect what you have learned.

Through regular tests and progress reports, you will know exactly where you stand to identify your areas of improvement.

To ensure that your concepts are crystal clear, we provide unlimited access to class replays and conduct special revision classes.

Interactive Learning Experience

  1. Master Teacher teaches every concept using highly engaging and immersive 3-D visualisations 
  2. Master Teacher uses solved examples to further illustrate the concepts
  3. Master Teacher conducts an Interactive Quiz to test how well the students have understood the concept
  4. The Master Teacher uncams/unmutes the students for doubts. Students’ doubts are cleared in the class itself.
  5. eDUCATOR app questions, videos and short quizzes to reinforce concepts learned in class
  6. Students revise from multiple reference books available on the Pedagogy app
  7. Regular in-person tests are conducted every fortnight, as per the exam format of JEE, NEET, and CET 
  8. The question paper is analyzed and discussed in detail and each child is mentored and provided a personalised remediation path 

Resources for Students

Vedantu app

The Vedantu App gives the students access to live lectures and replays to learn at their own pace, an extensive FAQ library to clear doubts, Mock tests and daily challenges for revision and self-assessment, and topic-wise delineated content for revision.

Vedantu Doubt-Solving App

The Vedantu Doubt-Solving app is one of the most dependable digital resource for children preparing for competitive exams. The students can post doubts on the app and find solutions. There is a repository of FAQs that further eases the resolution of doubts.

Pedagogy App

The Pedagogy app helps you learn from the best textbooks and resources when preparing for JEE, CET or NEET. With the app, you will have your own personal Digital Library containing the top books and content related to JEE/NEET prep, curated by the leading academic experts of the country

Contact Us

Deeksha Vedantu is born out of the shared vision of two titans of the education industry, Deeksha and Vedantu. Deeksha Vedantu is an impactful intervention for creating equal educational opportunities for all students and making every school a hub of hybridized learning.

Deeksha Vedantu

163/B, 1st Floor, 6th Main, 3rd Cross
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Karnataka 560078
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Contact Number: +91 7353599599

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    Deeksha is the reputed name in the 11th, 12th and Competitive Exam Coaching space. Deeksha thrives on blending the best of technology and academics — while nurturing children in an environment that prioritises wellness and care. Deeksha’s expert pedagogy inspires confidence and original thinking by making learning fun and effective.

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