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How Deeksha's Learning Programs are unique?


Every student enters the campus fresh and firm and begins the day by seeking the almighty for mental strength and their minds to be victorious. There is no way they will miss their parents, teachers at Deeksha carefully hand hold the students and make them win by the end of the day. For a student, the bell after each class is not just the end of a class; it is an opportunity for him/her to sow seeds for their glorious future. Their peers just don’t ask doubts, ask for a book to borrow, they go beyond that and become friends for life.

The rigour, a student undergoes while conducting an experiment in the laboratory shows the meticulous behaviour of them in pursuit of becoming an engineer or a doctor. While every student has an aspiration, a dream, and a challenge to overcome in their academic career, their mentors at the campus enable them and show them the right direction for their academic aspirations.

Every stroll the student takes in the campus is a part of learning. He/she learns to be a leader or even lead a team. They become a dancer and spread joy, they become musicians and keep the campus soothing and they become the best speakers and keep the campus alive with healthy conversations. Every student here climbs a ladder of success slowly and with precision so that even if they stumble at any point of time they continue to be the best performers.