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Dr Sridhar G Deeksha Founder

Dr Sridhar G

Dr Sridhar G, the founder of Deeksha, graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 1989 with a B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering. He went on to complete his Ph.D. in fluid mechanics from The Johns Hopkins University, USA. A strong desire to do something for the country prompted him to return to India in 1998 after a 3 years stint as a research scientist at American Standard. Armed with a vision of providing an academic environment that nurtured original thinking and created confident individuals with a sense of responsibility towards society, he, along with Mrs Lalit Sridhar, founded Academic Center for Excellence (ACE). Together, they pioneered integrated coaching in Karnataka through Deeksha.

Subsequently, backed by Private Equity Investors, Ace Creative Learning Pvt. Ltd. was formed to take Deeksha to several more campuses in various cities. A visionary and a thought leader in education, he is amongst the most respected and value-oriented educationists in the country. Dr Sridhar loves to be amongst children, whether teaching them or playing with them. A fun loving person, he makes sure to spend time with his own children at home, listen to music, engage in sport and go for leisurely walks!


Mrs Lalit Sridhar Deeksha Founder

Mrs Lalit Sridhar

With the objective of bringing about a change in the education system, Mrs Lalit Sridhar founded Deeksha along with Dr Sridhar G, in 1998. A Masters in Commerce and a Chartered Accountant by profession, she has been a driving force in providing a supportive and caring environment to over 40,000 students who have been through the Deeksha system over the years and in building the organisation from a small group of staff and faculty to a large family of 1,000 today!. A go-getter by nature, she has a never-say-die attitude – and when she takes up something passionately, the chances of the task being left undone are remote! Her passion to help students learn in a lively, creative and joyful way motivated her to take innovative steps in bringing technology into education.

Her prime area of focus in the last couple of years has been in developing cutting edge technology products and solutions for students, teachers, parents and education institutions.Spearheaded by her, the technology vertical of Deeksha successfully launched its first learning app, Deeksha eDUCATOR, in April 2015. This was followed soon by another app for students, the dPAL (Deeksha Personalised Assisted Learning) in 2015.