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Why Deeksha


  • An expanding network of Deeksha centres to ensure students don’t have to waste time in commute every day. Quality of teaching is uniformly maintained across all Deeksha centres
  • Well-tested and effective teaching methodology which allows students to prepare for board and competitive exams simultaneously
  • Triple integration model of teaching to ensure the overall development of the student
  • Technology enabled system that ensures continual learning even after college hours
  • Effective testing methodology that tests students on conceptual understanding rather than ‘important’ questions
  • Well experienced faculty who are available even after college hours to guide students
  • Ideal balance between academics and extra-curricular activities
  • Students will be competing with the best minds in the peer group which will encourage them to push themselves at every step
  • Intensive residential training for top achievers
  • Tailor made teaching environments to suit the requirement of the students 

Finally, Deeksha results speak for themselves.

Currently, Deeksha is present in 34 campuses across Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana and Tamil Nadu